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Our services to private individuals


Adimen Investigations, private detective agency in Geneva provides expertise to private individuals thanks to its professional investigation service.

Our areas of expertise are diverse and varied. Our services allow you, for example, to obtain precise information about a third party’s schedule and activities. We can collect evidence in the event of a dispute so that you can assert your rights in court.

Our clients can use our reports for their personal information, or use them in court and bring in our agency to testify.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour évaluer votre situation: nos agents de terrain sont prêts à intervenir à Genève et sur tous le secteur romand. Toutes les demandes qui nous sont transmises sont traitées de manière strictement confidentielle et nous nous engageons à mettre en oeuvre tous les moyens utiles et nécessaires pour obtenir les résultats souhaités.

Détective pour particuliers

Faites appel à des agents de terrain expérimentés.

Areas of intervention


The agency ADIMEN adapts to all requests that are transmitted to it.

  • Infidelity / Adultery
  • Re-evaluation of child support / alimony
  • Tailing
  • Research and identification of addresses
  • Counter-surveillance / Countermeasures
  • Monitoring of alcohol and drug consumption
  • Teenager acquaintances
  • Missing persons investigations
  • Child custody
  • Search for debtors

We intervene in all types of situations, including suspicion of infidelity, conflictual relationships (work, neighbours, child care), threats, breach of trust, and to search for missing persons.

Our expertise also includes the supervision and monitoring of alcohol and drug consumption in adults and teenagers. More details

  • Background investigation
  • Criminal counter-investigation
  • Acquaintance monitoring
  • Breach of trust
  • Credit Investigation
  • Drug trafficking
  • Problems with neighbours
  • Property theft
  • Verification of testimony
  • Delinquency

Electronic countermeasures/counter-surveillance

Our specialized countermeasure team provides risk analysis services in addition to detecting surveillance devices installed without your knowledge or consent.

Hidden listening devices, “spy cameras” or vehicle tracking devices. More details In order to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ information, all of the data received and transmitted is scrupulously stored on secure servers throughout the duration of our investigations.