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Private detective

Geneva and Lausanne

Détectives privés Genève

Adimen Agency is a private investigation agency active in Geneva and the Lake Geneva Region. With 10 years’ experience, its team consists of experienced field agents who know how to meet your requirements with discretion and confidentiality.

Government approved agency in accordance with the law of May 20th 1950

Private individuals

Experienced private investigators
in Geneva and the surrounding
French-speaking region


Tailored investigations
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professional field agents


A worldwide network
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Our areas of expertise

Knowing how to stay hidden all the while being able to observe schedules and activities; tailing is an art, reserved to men and women with outstanding physical and psychological strengths.

In Geneva and the Lake Geneva area, the ADIMEN agency is considered the gold standard. Thanks to its modern tailing techniques and its proven work method, our success rate is unrivaled. The technical investigative tools that we have developed allow us to guarantee quick and clear results for our clients.

Our tailing specialists are rigorously selected and fulfill the same criteria as those of the police and intelligence services worldwide. Our experienced agents benefit from the best training in the field and are able to work either autonomously or in teams.

Our experience in tailing and surveillance constitute an unstoppable force, allowing our agents to respond to all situations that we may encounter.

Using innovative technologies allows us to strive for excellence in the areas of tailing and investigation.

Our bureau of research and development creates its own investigative devices using cutting-edge technologies and our expertise in terms of systems of surveillance and cameras. Our range of tools is constantly being upgraded and improved upon. Using innovative technologies, allows us to keep an essential competitive advantage.

Our detective agency’s major assets: a team of highly qualified tailing specialists, a large range of competitive tools, and vehicles especially equipped for the missions entrusted to us.

The work of investigation and research is central to the detective’s job. With 10 years of experience in the area, our agency is fully able to respond to your needs.

The ADIMEN agency takes charge of your needs and provides its expertise in terms of research and investigation. We offer a free evaluation of your requirements and carry out a cost and feasibility study. Then, at the end of the investigation, we will provide you with the proof we have gathered in a detailed and time-stamped report.

Professional investigators handle all of our investigations in a completely confidential manner. Our specialists will listen to your needs and will help you find the answers to your questions. Turn your doubts into certainties!

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at 022 300 38 05.

Counter-surveillance measures are provided to detect surveillance. It is intended for professionals and private individuals who suspect an invasion of their privacy.

Counter-surveillance is an operational procedure allowing to locate and identify one or many people who may be monitoring you. Our teams intervene and analyze the situation in real time. In a vehicle or on foot, our team watches your back and implements undetectable counter-surveillance measures.

Our electronic counter-measures detect any surveillance device installed to monitor you: hidden listening devices, « spy cameras » or vehicle tracking devices. We ensure the protection of your workspace, private home, or vehicle in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges.

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Our guarantees


Cases handled in a strictly confidential manner


Present on the field for over 10 years


Experienced and trustworthy field agents


A detailed report for each investigation

Admissible in a court of law

We will give you valid proof

Our process in 4 steps

Free and



Detailed report

Areas of intervention

Our agency of private detectives is active in a number of areas and is able to adapt to all requirements from Geneva to Lausanne. Our field agents are experienced in intervening in all situations.
  • Tailing
  • Infidelity / Adultery
  • Re-evaluation of child support / alimony
  • Research and identification of addresses
  • Monitoring of alcohol and drug consumption
  • Teenager acquaintances
  • Delinquency
  • Child custody
  • Breach of trust
  • Problems with neighbours
  • Property theft
  • Search for debtors
  • Credit Investigation
  • Verification of testimony
  • Unfair competition
  • Monitoring compliance with employment contracts
  • Suspicious insurance declaration (fraud)
  • Suspicious medical leaves of absence

Swiss Association of Intelligence and Investigators Practioners

Syndicat National des Agents de Recherches Privées 

World Association of Detectives


Council of International Investigators