Adimen Investigations Agency in Geneva offers a surveillance detection service for professionals and individuals who suspect an invasion of their privacy.

Counter-surveillance is an operational procedure to locate and identify one or more individuals who may be monitoring you.

There are many reasons, an inquisitive colleague, a malicious competitor or an intrusive third party. We watch your back and implement undetectable counter-measures that allow us to determine with certainty whether or not you are a victim of surveillance arrangements.

By vehicle or on foot, our team watches your back

We intervene in the context of your travel as well as your professional meetings and we guarantee the confidentiality of your schedule. Through our field analysis, we enable you to better secure your information.

Our teams provide real-time interventions and situation analysis.

Electronic counter-measures

Equipped with cutting-edge detection equipment, our specialized private detective countermeasure team implements detection tools to identify surveillance devices that have been installed without your knowledge. Hidden listening devices, “spy cameras” or vehicle tracking devices. We ensure the protection of your workspace, private home and vehicle in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges.