Our diverse client portfolio includes small business managers, law firms, insurance companies and real estate agencies.

Adimen Investigations Agency Geneva offers efficient and flexible investigation services to help you make the right decisions when you are suspicious about the activities of your clients and employees.

We are willing to study any situation, your requests will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Business intelligence
  • Unfair competition
  • Economic intelligence / Due diligence
  • Search for debtors
  • Credit Investigation
  • Business investigation and infiltration
  • Background investigation
  • Monitoring compliance with employment contracts

Our private detective agency’s services provide law firms with a means of establishing affidavits. In the event of a dispute, it can sometimes be imperative to document events, so we collect the necessary data to that effect.

  • Re-evaluation of child support / alimony
  • Child custody
  • Research and identification of addresses
  • Verification of testimony

For insurance companies, our agency intervenes in the context of suspicious declarations. Our investigations can detect abusive behaviour and identify potential fraudsters.

  • Suspicious medical leaves of absence (unjustified medical certificates)
  • Suspicious insurance declaration (fraud)
  • Monitoring compliance with working hours
  • Equipment theft

For real estate agencies, we collect evidence to clarify all types of breaches, especially for unauthorized sub-leasing situations or in the case of damage.

Electronic countermeasures/counter-surveillance

Our specialized team provides expertise in data protection and the detection of electronic monitoring systems. Hidden listening devices, “spy cameras” or vehicle tracking devices. We also provide counter-surveillance services in the context of your business meetings and travel. More details 

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of our clients’ information, all of the data received and transmitted is scrupulously stored on secure servers throughout the duration of our investigations.